MaxPerforma Optimizer

MaxPerforma Optimizer

It cleans your personal computer of unused or broken registry settings

MaxPerforma Optimizer is a useful program to get your personal computer clean of unused or broken registry settings which slow down and affect your system’s performance.
The interface is nice and logically structured. When the application is launched for the first time, it automatically starts to scan your computer. Personally, I find this prompt scan as an abusive action; I don't like things to take place without my consent. Anyway, you can scan your computer as many times as you want afterwards.

The scan results are displayed as error reports. The errors within a report are sorted out according to the category which they belong to: System and Windows errors, User account errors, Install and Uninstall errors, ActiveX and COM errors. This classification helps you get an overall picture of your operating system malfunction. Moreover, you can save the error statistics into a file.

Since the data integrity is the main characteristic of most cleaning utilities, MaxPerforma Optmizer saves a backup copy of your registry to prevent data loss or corruption. These copies are automatically created before each scanning process. In case you have a reason to restore the registry, you simply need to switch to the 'Backup' tab and choose the record from the list of saved copies. What I also appreciate about this tool is that you can narrow the scan criteria; just switch to 'Settings' tab and uncheck those options that you don't want to be scanned.

All in all, I like this scanning tool because it is intuitive and efficient. If you're the kind of user who often installs and uninstalls programs, it is recommended to run this application from time to time.

Robert Vince
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  • It makes a backup copy before the error cleaning starts.
  • Intuitive interface


  • The fixing process stops when you switch to the other tabs of the left menu
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